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Icluster2 is definitively stopped !


Our policy: "Best effort"

This cluster is a development and experimentation system. It is not a full production computing center.

Users are guaranteed no level of service on this cluster.
We cannot make any guarantees to cluster availability or job completion.
We do backup our servers and provide a best effort service to maintain data availability and integrity but you should always keep a copy of your data at your site.

We try to plan and inform users of cluster maintenance, however the cluster might be shutdown without prior notice in case of an emergency.

If you need results for a conference tomorrow, or need your data backed up nightly, you should ask us for a special usage.

Who May Use i-Cluster2

All institutional or industrial users for research or experiment purposes can have access to i-Cluster2. The i-Cluster2 board committee approves account on a case-per-case basis.
An account on I-Cluster2 should be created for each scientific project validated by I-Cluster2 board committee.
See Getting Started

Code of Conduct

Connect on I-Cluster2 by ssh on frontal server:

From ita, never connect on nodes directly, but always use the batch scheduler (namely OAR) to reserve nodes and run batch or interactive jobs.

Before requesting many nodes for a long time you must send a mail to the administrators.

Policy on Access and usage of Computers Resources of the I-Cluster2